See our Vision and Mission

Focus on your Business… we’ll focus on your Health


As a national brand, we strive to be a leading medical services provider, growing and succeeding together proud of our heritage and gain international recognition for setting the standard for excellence.


AMS Lda is here to comfort the industry and people in general with the best medical care and further develop the local professional workforce.

See our Values as well

01. Integrity

Demonstrating honesty, fairness, openness and clear boundaries in all our interactions, behaviours and practices within the organisation and with our clients, stakeholders and the wider community.

02. Excellence

By setting the standard in service delivery, through a commitment to excellence, innovation, ongoing learning and continuous improvement.

03. Empathy

We must be able to feel for others in order to understand their perspectives and expectations and respond with adequate attention required for each situation.

04. Fulfilment

Develop our talents and enjoy our work.

05. Teamwork

Communicate openly and respect each other.